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More than Your Accountant Your Wealth Creation Partner

Abacus has been providing taxation, superannuation, wealth creation, business start-up services and advice for over 23 years.

Our goal is to help you build a better, more profitable and valuable business by combining the knowledge of your business with our consulting tools and expertise. While for our individual clients, we aim to grow your personal wealth and assist you with any of your financial or tax queries.

Accounting For Trades People

Being in the trades or building industry you need an accountant who understands your business.

Accounting, Taxation & GST

A significant part of our strategy is to provide clients with timely and accurate advice on tax ....


Have you ever wondered how your business is performing compared to your competitors?

Negative Gearing

Negative Gearing by definition is where you borrow to acquire an investment and the interest and other tax deductible costs you incur exceed the income you receive from the investment.

Recession Proof Your Business

Just as evolution in animals dictates that only the fittest survive, in a recession it is generally survival of the smartest.

Self Managed Super Funds

A SMSF is basically a superannuation fund with one to four members who are also trustees responsible for the investment ....

Starting Or Buying A Business

Starting or buying a business necessitates risk, research, passion and planning. Just like a game of chess, to succeed you need to make the right opening moves.

Vehicle & Equipment Finance

There are a number of different ways to finance the purchase of vehicles and equipment for your business.